At One Stop Tutoring we are dedicated to providing the best service possible. We encourage you to browse a selection of endorsements from a few of our previous clients. We endeavor to provide this level of satisfaction to all of our students and we know that you'll be ecstatic with the results of our Bay Area, San Jose, San Diego, and Los Angeles tutoring services.
"We've tried several tutors, but Rish was the first to really show a good understanding of my son's needs, and truly deliver the art of teaching, rather than telling. With a son who can be impatient, and can try and bluff that he gets it sometimes, it's great to have a teacher that can out-wit him when needed, to find out if he is really understanding what is going on. I recommend Rish as a valuable and sincere teaching resource."
- Mike Faith, CEO of Headsets.com, Danville
"Our son was struggling with Algebra and our tutor guided him through this difficuflt subject. Our tutor instilled great study habits that he has carried through his other courses. He started the semester with a C- and ended the year with an A!"
- Sandy, Livermore
"Math was like a foreign language to me, before I started to get tutored by Rish. He showed me great short cuts and instilled proper study habits in me that I use for all my classes! He actually made learning Math fun and easy."
- Alejandro Tuzon, San Ramon
""Rish helped my daughter understand Physics through his exciting learning techniques. He showed great patience and passion in helping her master the difficult physics concepts. Rish not only made sure her homework was completed but helped prepare her for exams."
-- Janet, San Jose
"I would like to thank you and recommend your services to anyone in need. I found my Tutor, Matt, very easy to work with. He was very flexible to accommodate my schedule and most of all very patient with me. He helped overcome an obstacle in my education. I am very grateful, and happy, with the services provided. I am now prepared to move on, knowing if I ever need help again I would not hesitate to contact you and request Matt."
- Sarrah Franklin, San Ramon
"Nisha from One Stop Tutoring has been tutoring Math for my son for the past 5 months. She is knowledgeable, extremely patient, genuinely kind and caring. She was able to explain certain aspects in a different manner and has a tutoring pace tailored to his needs. Nisha works well with families involves me in my son's learning process and keeps me updated on his progress. She has helped him gain confidence in his math skills and abilities.She is a great tutor and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing tutoring services as she is sweet, personable and beyond competent! Many thanks to Rish from One Stop Tutoring for providing us with a wonderful tutor."
- Padma Sainath, Palo Alto
"This summer my daughter needed to complete a semester Geometry class in 4 weeks. One Stop Tutoring provided a phenomenal tutor who provided my daughter with the skills and confidence and skills to successfully complete the course. My daughter is now receiving tutoring services in Algebra II, SAT Prep and Spanish II. I am extremely impressed by this professional, friendly and knowledgeable program!
- Karen Ransom, San Ramon
"One Stop Tutoring had done wonders for our son's confidence in math. Isaiah is in 5th grade and works with his tutor, Mr. Lennart Swartz two times a week. Mr. Swartz is wonderfully patient and encouraging, and he tailors each tutoring session specifically to Isaiah's needs; this personal and individualized instruction is just what our son needs not just to solve problems, but more importantly to think through and be able to explain his thought process of solving problems. Thank you Mr. Swartz and One Stop Tutoring!"
- Jay and Melanie Taplin
"I was having trouble in Calculus so I decided to turn to One Stop Tutoring. The private tutoring were awesome! I work part time and go to school and they were able to fit in some time during my free time. Plus, they were able to meet up at a convenient place for me. I was able to pull up my grade from a C- to an A! Thanks One Stop Tutoring!!!"
- David S, Sunnyvale
"One Stop Tutoring provided us with an AP Chemistry tutor and were so pleased with our tutor. The tutor was very patient and caring with our student! He taught her techniques and study habits that she able to apply to other subjects. Our child started off the year with a C and ended up with an A in the class and scored high on the AP Test!"
- Eric T, Danville