Test Taking Tips

If you're in California and getting ready to take the SAT's, there's some obvious preparation you should do. Register for them several weeks or months in advance, and set a strict studying schedule for yourself. If necessary, hire a tutor, whether it's for the SAT's in general or for a specific subject. One stop offers science, English, and math tutors in San Jose and the surrounding areas, so we've got you covered.

But when the day arrives, that dreadful exam is tomorrow, and you're having anxiety, it's understandable. You studied all you could, hired an SAT tutor, read all the materials, and gone over all your notes. But still, you’re nervous. Relax! There is no more you can do, so get a good night’s sleep. In the morning, wake up early and dress up before a test. This strategy is to make you feel professional and alert as you take your test. Keep in mind; you don’t want to be uncomfortable, so dress accordingly.

Pens, pencils, erasers, calculator, and anything else you need should be ready. Arrive early, and if you have the option to choose a seat, choose a seat in the middle of the room to avoid distractions from windows or heaters. When you finally get the exam, look it over. Listen for additional comments the teacher gives.

Once the test is administered, browse through to see what kinds of questions are asked. If you have both multiple choice and essay questions do this: Read the essay question first. Write down any notes, but do not answer. Begin the multiple-choice question.

This will allow your brain to engage in the essay question as well as the multi choice questions to help you answer the essay question later.  As you take your test, go through the test steadily. Keep a rhythm and stick with it. If you ever get stuck, don’t panic and don’t give up. Take an educated guess. When you quit trying, you will fail. Finally, if you finish early, go back and make sure there are no missed questions. 

Remember, if you feel under-prepared and live on the West Coast, One Stop Tutoring are your number one tutors in the Bay Area, San Diego, and LA. 

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