Multiple Choice Questions
Decisions, decisions, decisions! Multiple choice tests can be very tricky. We can admit we have all played the "eenie, meenie, miney, moe" game with this type of exam. But of course this is not an effective way to pass. Treat the multiple choice questions like a video game. Each question is a chance to score a point. So aim for the high score!
We have devised a cheat sheet that will help you get through your next multiple choice test. Read them carefully the night before the exam and just prior to the exam. We are confident this will allow you to score higher on your next multiple choice exam!
Multiple choice tips
Read the question prior to looking at the possible answers
After reading a question have an answer in mind, prior to looking at the possible answers
Read all possible answers before choosing an answer
Eliminate answers that you know aren’t correct
Don’t change your answer, your gut instinct is usually correct.
A positive choice is more likely to be true than a negative one
Choose “All Of The Above” if you think two answers could be true
“None Of The Above” is usually the incorrect answer
When you get "all the above," "none of the above," or "a,b, not c" type questions, treat each alternative as a true-false question and relate it back to the question stem
Responses that use absolute words, such as "always" or "never" are less likely to be correct than ones that use conditional words like "usually" or "probably."
Look for grammatical clues. If the stem ends with the indefinite article "an," for example, then the correct response probably begins with a vowel
Look for Echo options – it two options are opposite one another, usually one is the correct answer
The correct answer usually contains the most information
If there is not a penalty for guessing, make an educated guess.
When guessing use other questions you are sure about to aid in the guessing
Read the question prior to looking at the possible answer's
Read the question prior to looking at the possible answer's